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Breathe & Mind Body Voice Workshop

In the past few years we have run a series of Mind Body Voice workshops at Tranquility Holistic Studio in Chilwell.  New workshops are coming soon to a screen near you! We are revisiting some of the incredible work in a combined 3 hour workshop in accordance with Breathe; the deep breathing relaxation workshop. The aim is to re-set the balance in your mind, body and voice to find inner calm and openness for communication and freedom of speech.
Exercises for body posture and breathing will be included with gentle voicing for warming up the voice and building vibrations in the body.  Pure voice (or natural voice) training includes movement practices that are adaptations of yoga, Alexander Technique and Laban.  We infuse these wonderful exercises with the intoned and spoken voice to connect and free the mind and body.  Working on your mind, body and voice can help you to feel more grounded and self-confident. As you develop an integrated use of the body and mind words begin to flow more easily.  Find your optimal state and learn how to build that into your day to day.
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Breathe & Mind Body Voice – Workshop Details


Learn how to re-balance the body and unblock energies by focussing on the breath in this relaxing and inspiring workshop. The way that we breathe can affect the way that we behave, think and feel. As life can be fast paced and stressful the breath often gets trapped in the upper body. Centring the breath can have enormous benefits to the health and help us to cope better with the stresses of daily life. In this workshop we will access a deeper, more productive way of breathing through mindful techniques to re-set and co-ordinate the body breath function.

The session begins at the beginning with awareness.  Here we acknowledge the fundamental aspects of our self; our patterns of behaviour, our thought process, our physical habits that get in the way of our voice’s true potential.  Marianne will introduce you to the ethos behind the practical work that will leave you pondering the notion that change can happen when you address the root cause and break the repetitive cycle. This workshop is a great way in to exploring your voice in all its capacities.  We will relax, meditate, breathe deeply, stretch and find our voices…in the most subtle and natural way. This workshop sets the foundations for your voice training and is a great reminder of the essentials for those who have trained before.  The key benefits of this workshop are:


  • Increasing self-awareness
  • Understanding the way the voice works
  • Discovering your vocal potential
  • Feeling uplifted


In this workshop we will also begin to release the voice from its mental and physical constraints through gentle yoga exercises, self-massage and mindfulness. Releasing the voice can be a fabulous experience. Here we will shed those habitual tensions and connect the mind, body and voice with sounds and humming.  Explore a poem to find your authentic voice and true expression.  The key benefits of this workshop are:


  • Extending the vocal range
  • Relaxing the mind and body
  • Exploring the text
  • Finding depth in the voice for a truthful delivery



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