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Transformation and the Voice

3 guided visualisations for mind, body and voice for change! 

relax and release - connect to your breath - connect to your voice - boost energy - increase self-awareness - unblock negative habits - gain clarity of mind

‘Transformation and the Voice’ was designed by Voice Teacher/Coach Marianne Samuels and Holistic NLP Practitioner Monika Jazwinska. The visualisations on this CD aim to bring a deep sense of physical, emotional and mental relaxation. 


Often we get stuck in patterns, unable to achieve  goals or move beyond what is familiar and out of our comfort zone – simply because the subconscious part of the mind is hard wired to old patterns that don’t work anymore or have never worked. Our state of mind is a culmination of our life experiences and learning from parents, teachers, friends, brief encounters and so on.  Quite often this mind set could be sabotaging our success in fulfilling our potential.

This CD offers a way to work from the inside out to release aspects of the self that may not be helpful. Now available on most digital platforms.

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