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The Voice Course 

The course begins with awareness and journeys through release to eloquence and full connection. We acknowledge the fundamental aspects of our self; our patterns of behaviour, our thought process, our physical habits that get in the way of our voice’s true potential. We start off our journey in finding your voice. We will introduce you to the ethos behind the practical work that will leave you pondering the notion that change can happen when you address the root cause and break the repetitive cycle. This is a great way in to exploring your voice in all its capacities. We will relax, meditate, breathe deeply, stretch and find our voice in the most rewarding and natural way. This sets the foundations for your voice training and is a great reminder of the essentials for those who have trained before.


The key benefits are:

  • Increasing self-awareness

  • Relaxation

  • Understanding the way the voice works

  • Discovering your vocal potential

  • Looking after your voice

  • Deep diaphragmatic breathing

  • Extending the vocal range

  • Exploring text

  • Finding depth in the voice for a truthful delivery

  • Engaging storytelling techniques

  • Expressive speech

  • Achieve presence and gravitas

  • Clearer speech

  • Combat nerves and performance anxiety

  • Accessing accents and character voices

This course is currently running for 121 training only.  We are planning to run it as a year long modular programme in 2023.  Register your interest here:

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