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Format of the Sessions

In this age of social media and digital technology it’s wise to get our children connected to their own sense of integrity and self-confidence to be better equipped to make better choices.  Staying in touch with our creativity helps us to let go of anxious thoughts and process feelings and emotions in a healthy, supportive and playful environment.  Our sessions include an integrative approach to the performing arts by blending all disciplines together to make truthful and engaging performers. 

Dancing and guided movement

Relaxation visualisation – the happy place

Meditative Story – positive values

Individual storytelling with the story cubes or creating a story with an object as a starting point

Stretching and limbering

Acting games, ball co-ordination, mind/muscle co-ordination, mask work or role play

Singing and sounding out

Speech exercises – rhymes and tongue twisters

Script or poetry in groups

Devise a group performance


Our emphasis is to free the individual to allow creative minds to grow.  Within this structure there is space for the children to lead, devise and sculpt their own stories and develop their own values of compassion, respect, peace and awareness free from competitiveness and negative factors that may affect their self-esteem.

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