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The fear of presenting or public speaking is called glossophobia, 1 in 5 people suffer from this condition. In America, statistics show that fear of public speaking is higher than fear of death.  For many people nerves and anxiety often get in the way of clear, sublime speech.  Finding confidence and trusting yourself makes better speech, this may give a significant boost to your life.  Great speakers change lives and make an impact on the world.  Hopefully you will begin to enjoy the art of expressive public speaking as you experience the buzz and benefits it may bring.  

Image by Kane Reinholdtsen
Lecture Presentation
Presentation Skills Coaching


Learn how to get over those debilitating nerves and create an engaging speech or presentation.  Our training focuses on the essentials of successful speaking skills including positive body language, sculpting the speech content and perfecting the performance. Marianne's coaching provides essential tips and tools for effective communication and presentation skills.  By learning the techniques employed by many successful speakers you will learn how to make an inspirational presentation and gain more confidence when speaking to an audience, whether that is in large arenas or small groups.  These skills can be adopted by anyone wishing to improve the way they communicate in public.  If you want your message to be heard, understood and to inspire people then follow the advice and commit to the exercises.


Our methodology uses mindful techniques to harness nerves and goal map to successful speech.  We use visualisations and breathing techniques to get the mind into the present moment to be in the zone with your audience.

Currently this coaching is available in 121 training.  If you wish to join a group programme please register your interest here:

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