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Standard English Accent & Dialect 

The Standard English Accent & Dialect Course focuses on acquiring this accent for clarity and kudos in whatever industry you are in. Many professionals find that their accent is holding them back from reaching their full potential. If your voice is getting in the way of people truly listening to the content of your conversation or you are an actor needing this accent for your tool kit then our accent training courses will help.

Online meeting
Standard English Accent & Dialect
Standard English Speaking for Non-Natives and Natives 


This online course sets the foundations of Standard English speaking in 6 weeks of training, just 90 minutes per week.  Our methodology is fun and practical developing your sensory awareness to access the new moves of the accent. We work physically with the elements of speech; the muscle movements/shapes, sounds and settings. 

Standard English is an accent that offers clarity and kudos in the work place. We will teach you the way to get a convincing sound and improve your pronunciation. Our experience has shown that this useful accent helps with communication to build positive relations in the global market. So if you have a diverse multi lingual team and English is the central language this course can help to bring all voices together on the same page. As we are taking a practical approach to the accent all attendees will step into the role of an actor to learn this accent. This is going to be very different to all other accent reduction courses you may have done before. Our creative and tactile approach has been honed over the past few years into this fun and colourful approach to accents. 

Online group courses Thursdays 6.30pm - 8.30pm UK time                                                                                                   


£299 including course book, audio and video training materials


Contact us to find out more or book directly below:

Clear Speech Course
Standard English Speaking for Non-Natives
  • Do you often receive blank stares from people as they appear to not understand your speech?

  • Are you fed up with having to explain where you are from the minute you begin to speak?

  • Have you lost confidence in your speech due to bad experiences?

  • Is your accent preventing your professional progression?



The Clear Speech Course, for non-natives, led by expert voice coaches

will transform your speech and raise valuable self-awareness.

Here are a few of the benefits you will receive from this course:


  • Increased confidence and fluency. 

  • Clarity of diction in a well-respected, globally recognized speech style.

  • Muscle training.  Change your current speech setting by learning the new muscle movements of Standard English to embed a new muscular pattern.  We don’t just say listen and repeat we actually show you how to  make the required sound.

  • Awareness of colloquialisms and natural speech for formal or informal situations.

  • Sensory training to identify the visual, auditory and kin-aesthetic aspects of the accent.

  • Expert training from a specialist coach with masters in voice studies from the world renowned Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

  • Tried and tested results.  This course has been running successfully in London.

  • Improved performance in communication.

  • Professional speech coaching.



The course features:

• A specially designed programme in a comprehensive plan to establish the skills set.

We take you through the building blocks of speech to prime the muscles in specific areas of the


• Insight into speech anatomy, phonetics, intonation, weak forms, connective speech and spelling


• Course book and audio files.

• Networking and discussion practice.


Contact us to find out more and get booked in for 121 sessions

Motivational Speaker
Advanced Clear Speech Course
for Non-Natives 


Following the Clear Speech course it is essential to continue your speech practice to further develop the competencies achieved and maintain the new habits so that they can become automatic. Advanced work on intonation feature to find inflection and subtleties of natural English speech. The content will be specific to your needs to hone in on those recurring troublesome sounds. The course also takes a look at expanding your vernacular by exploring matters of language, phrasing and expressions. We use set texts for speech practice to build confident presentations.

Contact us to find out more about these 121 sessions.

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