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Public Speaking Workshops Nottingham

Public Speaking Training Days 

26th March 2020

21st May 2020

23rd July 2020

24th September 2020

Businesswoman in Front of Crowd

This series of workshop will focus on the use of the voice and body to achieve effective presentation skills for expert business delivery in face to face liaisons and public speaking in large conference arenas. There will be an introductory talk followed by an in-depth practical workshop. At the end of the session delegates will be equipped with vital tools to give speeches with impact.


The session will be led by head coach voice coach Marianne Samuels whose expert methodology is both enjoyable and enlightening.


Overview of training


This public speaking practice sets the foundations for developing gravitas and building confidence in the individual. We will find the most effective delivery for you with the following key areas:


  • Body language, posture/grounding and non-verbal signals

  • Mind work, managing and channeling nervous energy

  • Preparation and planning, for the material and the self

  • Audience relations; setting expectations and outcomes

  • Clarity and enunciation

  • Use of language; rhetorical devices and key words

  • Vocal tone and modulation; pace, pitch, pause, volume and inflection

  • Structure and storytelling

  • Pause and impact


Delegates will be asked to come prepared with a 2 minute presentation on any subject.


The training will take place at a hotel venue with easy accessibility and parking facilities.  



£325 per delegate including 3 course buffet lunch and refreshments during the day

Book Now

Register your interest with Marianne Samuels,, 07974 203001 to secure a place. Payment can be made via credit card, BACS or Paypal.

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