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Autumn/Winter News

Hello and welcome to our very late autumn edition for news and insights into the world of voice and body matters. It has been a strange year for many with uncertainty, health crises and media fuelled fear of resources running out. It is so easy to get embroiled in the frenzy of it all. During times like this a theme that often crops up is the psychologically sabotaging situation of the Imposter Syndrome.

Just when we feel the most unnerved and unsettled the dreaded Imposter Syndrome kicks in. For those out there that have not come across this term before it refers to a fearful state of mind where you feel like you are going to be found out as a ‘fraud’ and that you doubt your skills and talents despite being proficient and successful. Mainly it is an underlying feeling of inadequacy and that you are not good enough, it often comes down to low self-esteem. Potentially this may have a severe impact on your ability to speak eloquently.

A good place to begin taming this inhibiting mental pattern is to recognise that it has reared its ugly head and start to address it. I believe it helps to use all means necessary to break out of the negative mental pattern through breathwork, physical practice (yoga, dancing, running, swimming or whatever sport you like) music listening and journaling.

As I’ve mentioned before music and sound therapy is a great way to slip out of mental states and the song below by Beverley Knight is one of my confidence boosters. Beverley’s lyrics are incredible reminders that we are more than enough; we are gold, despite others missing our true value including ourselves! I AM GOLD! Say it out loud! Even if you don’t believe it, even if you feel ridiculous saying it, say it! ‘Fake it to become it’, says Amy Cuddy, writer of Presence. Positive affirmations are the key in helping us out of the hole of Imposter Syndrome, eventually if you say something enough it becomes your new habit.

Have a listen!

Gold by Beverley Knight

Some people never recognise it

Though it's right before their eyes

And shines in all its glory

They never ever see

They choose something that looks just like it

And it may glitter all the time

But gold it will never be

I guess you never held on to quality

Or you woulda recognised by now

Something so special so true

When it's standing right in front of you

I'm gold babe

Catch me in the slipstream

Passing by the fools who just don't know

Pure gold babe

You're looking at the real thing

If you knew my worth you wouldn't let go [x2]

Oh no!

Gold lies in rivers undiscovered

Hidden from the sight of those

Who don't know what to look for

(They ain't never gonna find it)

Sometimes the value is uncovered

Other times it's cast aside

By those who are just unsure

I guess you never held on to quality

Or you would have recognised by now

Something so special so true

When she's standing right in front of you

All the things you failed to see

Separated you from me

I decide who wins my time

And who comes inside yeah

Cause what is true and what is real

Finds a way of being revealed

I don't have to even try

Cause I'm certified pure gold…

What news!

  • Nottingham Accent/Dialect Coaching for an exciting brand new sit com coming soon. It was great fun to coach the Nottingham/East Midlands accent for a forthcoming TV show set in Newark. It really is one of the hardest accents for non-Notts peeps to get but we did it! Dead good!

  • Stagebox Dialect Course is now in full swing. Our voice team have been delivering the weekly dialect training to about a hundred students. The General American accent is underway!

  • The Attic Theatre Dialect Training - you can get our fab accent methodology in regular group dialect lessons face to face monthly at The Attic in West Bridgeford.

  • Client Success

  • Our awesome Aoife Hughes has filmed a season of Silverpoint for BBC landing a leading role in this forthcoming TV series.

  • Our excellent Eve Ridley, famous for her voice in Peppa Pig has landed another exciting animation production and multiple brand campaigns.

  • Our fabulous Dereke Oladele who played Fleance in Macbeth at the Almeida with Saoirse Ronan.

  • Our darling Maddison Thew who is currently starring in Mary Poppins in the West End.

  • Our wonderful Orla McDonagh who is also the face of John Lewis among many other exciting film and TV productions including Peaky Blinders and Matilda the new filmed musical.

  • Our amazing Tilly Raye Bayer who is starring as young Elsa in Frozen in the West End.

  • Our newest incredible student Joesph Obasohan who has recently starred as Wesley in the film Superdad.

  • And finally not to forget our very own Tim Samuels who will be appearing in The Witcher, Netflix series 2 this December. Well done to all.

  • Zen Coaching Company our role play for training and executive coaching for leadership, management and communication corporate training. If your company is looking for specialist training dealing with giving feedback, interviewer skills, conflict resolution, presentation and voice skills then let’s get planning. Our programmes are tailored to the client and all our consultants are highly experienced. I am so excited for you to get working with our great bunch of trainers and facilitators.

  • Yoga Teacher Training for Yoga &Co – every Friday in West Bridgeford

  • Chakra Balancing Course January 2022

  • Accents for Young Actors – intensive 5 week training

  • Lunchtime yoga classes every Monday

  • Meditation circle every Friday

Please register your interest for any of the classes above.

Tip of the Season!

The Acid Watcher by D Jonathan Aviv – Book recommendation

Acid reflux is one of the most common offenders of vocal issues that can often go undetected because it can be silent in its symptomatic effect. It’s possible that there isn’t the usual burning sensation and heart burn of regular oesophageal reflux and indigestion; the condition more commonly referred to as GERD, gastro oesophageal reflux disorder. There are lots of things that you can do once you get a diagnosis from your doctor. Diet and lifestyle adjustments help too. Take a look at this book for more information and a full programme of dietary changes that may assist in restoring the voice back to full health.

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