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Summer 2019 Newsletter

Hello! Summer is finally here and for some of us love is in the air! Let’s focus on the word ‘love’ and it’s associations with summertime... The ‘summer of love’, ‘summer loving’, ‘summer love’, ‘summer romance’, ‘love in the summertime’…So many songs, films, books and the whole revolution of 1967. Now whatever that conjures up for you the word love is something I would like to dwell on especially in terms of voice and speech.

Since the last newsletter I’ve been involved in a lot of weddings, special anniversaries and ceremonies all on the subject of love and giving thanks to loved ones. It’s been a beautiful time of the year. I’ve had the honour of coaching best man speeches, groom speeches and wedding readings as well as performing one myself!

It’s really got me thinking about how speaking in these intimate events can be daunting to say the least. Even though knowing that the audience is warm and on your side it still is a nerve wracking responsibility. Putting your emotions out there and speaking openly about your inner heart felt emotions do not come easily to many of us. Or trying to get in the best memories and humorous anecdotes to make the speech as entertaining as possible is a task for a skilled speech writer but we often are doing it ourselves unaided. There’s a lot to consider. Plus as these events are so big we invest a lot into ensuring everything runs as smoothly as it possibly can. The amount of thoughtfulness and planning really shows in the success of the day.

However when we put love top on the list of priorities we can stay positive. We can put the attention on the audience and tune into the words and meaning rather than our own fears and apprehensions. When we live in ‘love’ we build compassion and awareness.

Here are a couple summery loving poems to ponder:

A Symphony of Summer

by Mike Gentile |

A symphony of summer is the storm

It underscores the reasons why we love

Dramatic in refusal to conform

As passion is composed from up above

Crescendo moments irrespective of

A maestro who just will not understand

That love is love is love is love is love

As thunder claps with rain at our command

To bless our harmony and hate to not withstand

Sweet Ruby Red

by Rick Parise

Summer Beauty Has Risen of Fragrant Posies and Dream

As sunrays dance of fire red

And emerald tree's receive

A soft breeze whistles

A song of love

Wrestling through the leaves

A place of peace

In depths untouched

A longing desperate need

To touch your flesh

To lie in love

With you my only dream

What news!

  • It’s been really busy with the usual day to day coaching. I have been involved with some exciting productions at Derby Theatre and Nottingham Playhouse since the spring.

  • I was dialect coach for Ava Hunt’s incredible play, ‘Journeys of Destiny’, a true story of a young Syrian refugee at Derby Theatre.

  • I also worked with Lewis Doherty from Beast House Productions working on his latest masterpiece ‘Boar’ which previewed last Friday at the Nottingham Playhouse. Lewis has created a vocal extravaganza in this one man show and depicted over 30 different characters and accents as well as sound effects all with his own voice.

  • The summer promotion has started and will run until the end of August. A great opportunity to get 5 hourly 121 lessons for £260 or 10 for £500.

  • Please remember to keep connected with this the Voice-MS page on Facebook.

  • The Saturday Club! I have successfully trialled the new kid’s class which will start fully in September at home in Bramcote. This class is 2 hours of fun, creativity and essential life skills: voice/speech, acting and storytelling for children.

Things in the pipeline…

The Saturday Club

Voice-MS’ very first kids club for 2 hours of fun, creativity and essential life skills: voice/speech, acting and storytelling. Classes will start in September from 10am-12pm. £10 per child, £5 extra for siblings. Age range from 6-11 years.

In this age of social media and digital technology it’s wise to get our children connected to their own sense of integrity and self-confidence to be better equipped to make better choices. Staying in touch with our creativity helps us to let go of anxious thoughts and process feelings and emotions in a healthy, supportive and playful environment. Our sessions include an integrative approach to the performing arts by blending all disciplines together to make truthful and engaging performers.


  • Dancing and movement

  • Stretches and limbering

  • Breathing and visualisations

  • Songs and speech exercises

  • Creative play with puppets, masks and props

  • Acting and games

  • Poetry and storytelling

Great benefits:

  • Fun/play

  • Confidence building

  • Mindfulness and positive values

  • Relaxation and release

  • Communication skills

  • Voice training

  • Creative outlet

  • Team building and ensemble

Tip of the month...

Have you heard of Hypopressives? Nikki from UK Hypopressives tells us more…

“Most traditional exercise techniques are HyPERpressive, which means that they increase internal pressure – that’s how they work, of course. But the thing about pressure is that it will find your weakest spot. That’s why pressure caused from injury, too much training, or having a baby can lead to urinary incontinence, hernias and even pelvic organ prolapse. And often traditional exercise techniques cannot help, because they rely on conscious muscle contraction.

The core is designed to work at a subconscious level, so it can be effective throughout daily life, not just when you are exercising. It needs to kick into action if you have to suddenly run for a bus, or swoop in to pick up your child when they fall over. It needs to work without you thinking about it.

HyPOpressive exercises decrease or reduce internal pressure, to the thoracic, abdominal, and pelvic areas of the body. They re-programme the core muscles, which are vital to managing pressure both consciously and subconsciously, and they increase their resting tone and involuntary function. In other words, the core, including the pelvic floor, starts to work again as it was designed to – without you having to think about it.

Hypopressives are easy to learn if you have the right teacher, but they are also easy to get wrong, so it’s really important that you seek out a qualified instructor to teach you.”

This is something I would recommend to everyone to look after your body and stay in good shape. As we know our core is our root and we need to keep this strong!

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