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June 2018 Newsletter

Newsletter – June 2018

It’s summertime and the living is easy..err. to Billy Holiday anyway. The days are longer and we have seen a fair amount of sunshine so far. I do love this time of year. Sunbathing and relaxing can help us to let go of daily stresses that can hinder or sabotage our state of mind knocking us out of balance. As we’ve seen before the mind, the body and the voice need a state of harmony to operate optimally.

One aspect of my work that comes up regularly is vocal confidence. Having the confidence to speak up in meetings or express what you really think in a clear, inspiring way. Whilst we don’t coach you in the content we can help you to shape your thoughts better in a more structured way. We do this a lot for presentations but it can also apply to interviews and meetings. The success rate is high and many of our clients have got the results they were looking for; whether that is the job or the right response from colleagues. We don’t only focus on the vocal element because we know that the voice is made up of so much more; the movements, mannerisms, the language and the breath rate.

Watching all the celebrations of 100 years since women were given the vote in the media, it makes me very grateful for all those strong, confident women who fought for equal rights. Vocal confidence was essential in the Suffragettes fight for justice as well as the action that ensued. In the 1960s Germaine Greer graced the world with her radical yet powerful views and still does today. I love hearing her speak with such eloquence, confidence and genius. Here are a few quotes from her famous book The Female Eunuch:

“Maybe I couldn’t make it. Maybe I don’t have a pretty smile, good teeth, nice tits, long legs, a cheeky arse, a sexy voice. Maybe I don’t know how to handle men and increase my market value, so that the rewards due to the feminine will accrue to me. Then again, maybe I’m sick of the masquerade. I’m sick of pretending eternal youth. I’m sick of belying my own intelligence, my own will, my own sex. I’m sick of peering at the world through false eyelashes, so everything I see is mixed with a shadow of bought hairs; I’m sick of weighting my head with a dead mane, unable to move my neck freely, terrified of rain, of wind, of dancing too vigorously in case I sweat into my lacquered curls. I’m sick of the Powder Room. I’m sick of pretending that some fatuous male’s self-important pronouncements are the objects of my undivided attention, I’m sick of going to films and plays when someone else wants to, and sick of having no opinions of my own about either. I’m sick of being a transvestite. I refuse to be a female impersonator. I am a woman, not a castrate.” ― Germaine Greer, The Female Eunuch

“In the struggle to remain a complete person and to love from her fullness instead of her inadequacy a woman may appear hard. She may feel her early conditioning tugging her in the direction of surrender, but she ought to remember that she was originally loved for herself; she ought to hang on to herself and not find herself nagging, helpless, irritable and trapped. Perhaps I am not old enough yet to promise that the self-reliant woman is always loved, but she cannot be lonely as long as there are people in the world who need her joy and her strength, but certainly in my experience it has always been so. Lovers who are free to go when they are restless always come back; lovers who are free to change remain interesting. The bitter animosity and obscenity of divorce is unknown where individuals have not become Siamese twins. A lover who comes to your bed of his own accord is more likely to sleep with his arms around you all night than a lover who has nowhere else to sleep.” ― Germaine Greer, The Female Eunuch

What news!

  • The summer promotion is on until September. A great opportunity to get 5 hourly 121 lessons for £260 or 10 for £500.

  • It was great fun working with the cast of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol at the Royal Shakespeare Company back in January in Stratford upon Avon. I’ve had the privilege of meeting Christopher Eccleston and Niamh Cusack there too!

  • In March I was fortunate to take part in a fabulous production of The Vagina Monologues at the Newark Palace Theatre in collaboration with Prospect Players. The play was part of the celebration of International Women’s Day. We raised lots of money for the Women’s Refuge and SELF; a charity to support teenage girls.

  • Next month I will be performing a short piece in the International Women’s Festival at Arnot Park in Nottingham on 8th July. Here I will be playing a Suffragette.

  • My wonderful Contemporary Theatre Arts students at Derby University performed 2 fantastic plays in the Derby Theatre Studio back in May; Fugee by Abi Morgan and The Laramie Project by Moisés Kaufman. I was responsible for coaching the American and French accents in the plays.

  • I completed my work at Birmingham School of Acting teaching the MA Actors and MA Professional Voice Practice.

  • I have been approached by Stagebox Agency to coach their child stars. It has been a pleasure to meet some of the mini professionals. Lots of the children perform regularly in the West End and in films.

  • This year Tim and I celebrate 10 years of marriage and 15 years in our relationship. It’s incredible how time files.

Tip of the month…

Keeping the vocal tract hydrated is essential in maintaining the voice especially in the summer months as there are many allergens that can irritate the nose and the throat. Steaming is an old ritual that still works wonders today. All you need is boiling water, a bowl and a towel. Place the boiling hot water into the bowl, place the towel over your head and lean over the bowl. Try to keep the steam in the towel so as not to let it escape too soon. Breathe in the hot steam but be careful with extreme temperatures move further away from the water if you find it too hot. I would recommend doing this for 10 minutes daily. There are electronic steamers that can be bought for easier use if you prefer.

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