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Latest Newsletter

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Voice-MS newsletter. Summer is coming to a close and we had some decent weather. If you are lucky enough to get to the seaside take a moment to tune into the breath by breathing in the refreshing sea breeze. Just watching the sea can be really relaxing too. If there are gentle waves lapping into the shore take your awareness to that and let the mind declutter. The abundance of blue colour from the sea is a wonderful mirror of the throat chakra which also shares this colour; a vital energy for clear communication and self- expression. Blue and yellow are my favourite colours! Another interesting connection between the sea and speech is that diphthong vowels (compound vowels like ‘oh’ and ‘I’) are wave-like in pronunciation. We spend 70% of time on the first sound and 30% on the last bit which gives the vowel a wave-like glide.

What news!

Transformation and the Voice CD has arrived! On sale now! Only £10. I have to say I am very pleased with the artistry of the graphics and it sounds great too. Our lovely designer Zuza really captured the essence of our work. Here is a snap shot of the cover:

  • In July we found ‘eloquence’ in Mind Body Voice. Another successful workshop with a lovely group. We discussed what it means to be an eloquent speaker and we expressed ourselves with empowering texts and famous speeches by the likes of Martin Luther King, Emmeline Pankhurst, Ghandi and many more. We found confidence and gravitas and dealt with those pesky nerves that can hinder a successful performance.

  • My lovely Drama Studio Students graduated last month and already some of them have been snapped up by agents and casting directors.

  • I am running a summer promotion on 121 training! 5 sessions for £199, 10 sessions for £398 if booked in August and September. Don’t miss out on these great savings.

Forthcoming workshops

The next and last Mind Body Voice Workshop is on Sunday 11th September at Tranquillity Holistic Studio, 178 High Street, Chilwell NG9 5BB. It costs £3o for 2 hours. 10am to 12pm. The theme is Connessione!

The final workshop of the season is a sensory extravaganza; a journey through the senses in a guided (physical) mediation on sounds, smells, tastes and textures. In this workshop we will explore the DaVincian principle of ‘connessione’ – the interconnectedness of all things and phenomena, to find an integrated use of the mind, body and voice. We can find freedom through our voice when all parts are working in harmony and the voice becomes more appealing as a result. In this workshop we will move from the sung voice into the spoken to enrich the tone. We will contemplate colour and visual imagery and all the other senses to find depth and timbre. And we will tell a story with head, heart and guts, just like the tin man, lion and scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz. The key benefits of this workshop are:

  • Telling and listening to a compelling story

  • Igniting the senses and building more sensory perception

  • Integrating the mind, body and voice

  • Complete relaxation

  • Enriching the voice

Breathe is also happening on Friday 23rd September At Tranquillity. 6.30pm-8.30pm, £30. Book now, spaces are still available so don’t hesitate if you would like to come along. Call 07974 203001 or email to secure your space.

Things in the pipeline…

‘Dance Fitness for Fun’, is set to start in October with sessions running bi-weekly; one in the centre of Nottingham and the other local to the Wollaton/Bramcote/Beeston area. Venues are yet to be finalised. After such a huge response and interest in belly dancing we’ve decided that this will now feature in the session.

Tip of the month…

Have you ever used a Neti Pot? Well if you suffer from sinus problems or nasal issues then this could be a revelation. The Neti Pot is a simple piece of equipment designed to pour sterile salt water in one nostril to come out of the other nostril when the head is tipped to the side. I love to use my netty pot when I feel bunged up or if I feel a cold is coming on as the saline solution in the little spouted pot flushes out the nasal passages and gives the nasal cavity a good wash. The result is a soothed lining of the nose and a clearer, brighter voice. It is proven to also reduce or stop a cold developing, a lot like those ‘first defence’ medicines you can buy. It is essential that you use cooled boiled water with a specially measured content of salt. Too much salt and water that is too hot can make it painful. Otherwise it is a safe and effective way to maintain good vocal hygiene.

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