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This Month MBV is all about Eloquence

July 24th 10 am - 12pm – Mind Body Voice: Eloquence

In the Mind Body Voice workshop this July our theme is eloquence. We will explore what it means to be an eloquent speaker and we express ourselves eloquently through empowering texts of stories and famous speeches. Here we will take ownership and trust our voices to deliver the most impactful speech. Marianne will guide you through the essentials of public speaking, an area so widely feared. We will fully connect mind, body and voice to allow the words to flow with confidence. We will ground and root the voice to gain gravitas and presence. Plus Marianne will prime the speech muscles for clearer, crisper speech with fun tongue twisters and tricky rhymes. This workshop is a must if you want help with presentations or get nervous speaking in front of an audience. The key benefits of this workshop are:

  • Learn storytelling techniques

  • Discover how to make a speech impactful

  • Achieve presence

  • Acquire clearer speech

  • Combat nerves and performance anxiety

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