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Mind Body Voice Course

This 6 week course will take you through the holistic aspects of voice training to seek to integrate your mind, body and voice for effortless clear communication and confidence in speech. It will feel very relaxed and calming as we go deep into our creative mind to unlock blocks that stop us from speaking our best. When we are relaxed things flow much more easily. We will look at body posture and breathing in relation to speaking. We will do gentle voicing for smooth phonation and explore some awe inspiring texts to put it into practice.

My work in drama schools often leaves students feeling elated by the deeply investigative work we do on the human voice. I want to open these lessons out to anyone who seeks to improve their voice. it can be life enhancing not to mention changing.

The first course sold out. Early booking is recommended. The course fee is £105.

The venue is Tranquility Holistic Centre in Nottingham NG9 5BB.

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