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The Voice Haven - "Sound mind, sound body"

Since the beginning of my voice career I have been drawn to the holistic benefits of voice training for life, for the human being, notably for self development. Despite the fact that voice training has been for around decades to serve the needs of the actor and the elite it is only recently that the work is branching out to the wider community. This excites me as I firmly believe that everyone can benefit from working on their voice, speech and ability to communicate expressively.

It is my dream to create a haven for all practices that compliment and support the voice to help all individuals to find their authentic voice. Finding and freeing your voice can bring immense benefits to the way you lead your life and therefore the impact that you have on the people you interact with.

Actors follow an extensive programme of voice skills training at drama schools where they learn better use of the breath, body and voice/speech. They train in this way to support the needs of the acting industry to create strong versatile voices for the stage and screen. As we train actors what we find is that through better use of the body and voice function you can significantly improve your life and health. As actors learn to release tensions held in the body they learn to let go of unhelpful habits that interfere with their ability to express themselves truthfully. They are able to communicate more effectively as they are less inhibited in their bodies and so their speech can flow more freely. I believe that everyone can benefit from this type of training and reap the benefits for their life and career not just for a role in a play. If you can operate with an integrated use of the mind and body then life can run more harmoniously with less effort required. I intend to offer the full holistic package of alternative practices that support the voice and thus help people to re-connect with their true self. I can offer an alternative approach to keeping yourself fit and healthy with a focus on the body and mind.

Let me know your thoughts on such a creative haven....


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