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Perfect your English Pronunciation the Professional Way

Train with an expert Voice Coach in a unique style of teaching.



  • Do you often receive blank stares from people as they appear to not understand your speech?

  • Are you fed up with having to explain where you are from the minute you begin to speak?

  • Have you lost confidence in your speech due to bad experiences?

  • Is your accent preventing your professional progression?



The Clear Speech Course, for non-natives, led by expert voice coaches

will transform your speech and raise valuable self-awareness.

Here are a few of the benefits you will receive from this course:


  • Increased confidence and fluency. 

  • Clarity of diction in a well-respected, globally recognised speech style.

  • Muscle training.  Change your current speech setting by learning the new muscle movements of Standard English to imbed a new muscular pattern.  We don’t just say listen and repeat we actually show you how to  make the required sound.

  • Awareness of colloquialisms and natural speech for formal or informal situations.

  • Sensory training to identify the visual, auditory and kinaesthetic aspects of the accent.

  • Expert training from a specialist coach with masters in voice studies from the world renowned Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

  • Tried and tested results.  This course has been running successfully in London.

  • Improved performance in communication.

  • Professional speech coaching.



The course features:

• A specially designed programme in a comprehensive plan to establish the skills set.

We take you through the building blocks of speech to prime the muscles in specific areas of the


• Insight into speech anatomy, phonetics, intonation, weak forms, connective speech and spelling


• Course book and audio files.

• Networking and discussion practice.



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