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The Breathe workshop helps us to really delve deeply into our body-breath function.  Deep breathing allows the body to operate optimally as the natural movements of the body are nourished with life giving oxygen. Breathing deeply simply makes you feel calmer and you can find a sense of peace and clarity.  Breathe is currently only available in 121 training or by special request.


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Balance. Energise.


Learn how to rebalance the body and unblock energies by focussing on the breath in this relaxing and inspiring workshop. The way that we breathe can affect the way that we behave, think and feel. As life can be fast paced and stressful the breath often gets trapped in the upper body. Centring the breath can have enormous benefits to the health and help us to cope better with the stresses of daily life. In this workshop we will access a deeper, more productive way of breathing through mindful techniques to re-set and co-ordinate the body breath function.

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